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Hall Improvements

Hall Improvements Following over two years of fund raising events and with generous financial support from Tighnabruaich District Development Trust, the Hall Trustees have been able to carry out a number of improvements to the Hall, which will enhance the enjoyment of users.

First, the heating system in the main Hall has been upgraded. The old system worked by heating the people in the room rather than the airspace and this could mean the Hall felt cold at the start of events. The heaters also produced an orange glow, which affected the appearance of film presentations. The new system is based on thermostatically controlled fan heaters, which are timer controlled, so it will be possible to preheat the Hall before events and maintain an even temperature. The Hall floor was showing significant signs of wear and it has now been sanded down, resurfaced and the badminton court relaid. This makes the room significantly brighter and restores the protective coating to the wooden surface. Finally, the stage curtains are about to be rehung on a new curtain rail, which is specifically designed for stage use and will improve the professionalism of the presentation of all stage productions. The Trustees have a programme for further improvements and we would encourage you to come along and experience the improvements for yourself at forthcoming events.

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